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Hard Gear Shifting

Moving hard gears in manual gearboxes can occur due to various factors.

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Transmission oil leakage

Transmission faults are most commonly observed in high-speed vehicles when they operate at high ambient temperatures. Also the oil can sometimes be seen on the junction of the manual gearbox with the engine, on a clutch. Incident in transmission ventilation can sometimes also cause oil leakage. That is why it is best to check the breath first, and if necessary to clean it.

The most common cause of oil leakage, however, is the loss of elasticity due to oil seals or lining due to aging and their activity at high temperatures. Oil seals are staggering and stick to loose parts.

In this case, the waterproofing ability of the mechanism can be restored with the help of bringing the additive into the oil. The active ingredients of this additive are a specific plasticizer. Affected by the plastic action, the oil seals the material hatches and abuts the surfaces more tightly.

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Noise in manual transmission

Manual gearbox makes noise in a used car.
If the noise in the manual gearbox is still heard when clutching the clutch with the neutral gear motor and gearbox, the clutch need to be replaced. If the noise level is reduced, the problem may be due to the worn surface of the gears and bearings.

Applying Revitalizant ® allows the surface to be worn out and this will reduce the noise level in the gearbox

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