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Exterior and interior

Harden the door

Due to the summer temperature, moisture permeability, constant influence of cold temperatures, dry sealing rubber seals, cracking, loss of elasticity and can not continue to perform its main function - door sealing and cleaning. trim the tree. When the car is driving, unwanted sound occurs due to doors and even moisture can accumulate on the floor of the passenger compartment and trunk. To avoid the problem of rubber seals, they need continuous care throughout the year. Regular handling of seals with special products will allow them to continue working properly during the vehicle's life.

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Lock frozen

The most common reason for locks blocked in cars is that the water froze due to rapid temperature changes between seasons.

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Door hinges

Framing the door hinges may be due to the absence or drying of the lubricant in the hinges or door hinges.

To remove the noise, you just need to lubricate the joints (joints). The best way to do this is to apply a spray lubricant. It has penetrating properties and, due to its surface action, is mounted on the hinge axis of the hinge by spraying.

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Wheel of dirty wheels

Dirt, sugar mud and salt in winter - these are factors that prevent alloy wheels and cars in general from maintaining their appearance and personality. This is why not only the auto body needs regular and thorough care (at least once every 2 weeks), but also the chromium wheel discs should be cleaned over time. It is not a secret that many wheel drive filters manufactured at this time contain positive ingredients of the time instead of simplifying the irreversible irreversible cleaning process on the surface of the disc. car for a short time. Such erosion is almost impossible to remove and, as a result, after 6 to 12 months of expensive disks have to be replaced.

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Spray the windscreen in the rain

Sometimes, during rainy weather or cold weather, windshields can evaporate. This happens due to the difference in temperature inside the car and outside. Windshield wipers can significantly reduce visibility or even lead to car accidents. A temporary way to solve this problem is to turn on climate control or direct the cold air into the windshield. Another common cause of mist spray is air pollution of the car.

You can prevent the windscreen from evaporating onto the inside surfaces of the windshield. These products prevent condensation on the windshield

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Contamination of the body surface from asphalt coating can cause severe damage to the body coating. In the light summer oil segments contained in the bitumen penetrate the enamel and lacquer when exposed to the paint coating. It is particularly damaging to metallic paint and pearls, as well as to a double layer coating, because bitumen penetrates the surface much faster when exposed to lacquer. Gradually the tar is strengthened and if fresh stains are easily removed even after wetting a rigid hard plastic, it is difficult to handle, since a hard plastic layer should be gradually dissolved. with detergent. In the winter rim cumulative accumulated bitumen particles on their surface. These microdermabrasions are mixed with auto-thawed chemicals and form a layer of highly reflective paint that is difficult to remove.

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