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Water is condensed under the lid of the container

Condensation occurs on the inside surfaces of a fuel tank when a car parked in a warm, indoor space with a small amount of fuel in the tank. The less fuel is in the tank and the greater the difference in temperature, the more concentrated the solution is in the tank. In addition, water can enter the tank while refueling.

The water gradually blends with the fuel resulting in fuel pump failure and the spark plug. Diesel and nozzle encounter this problem more often. Condensate water leads to freezing fuel hoses and diesel main filters in winter.

Unstable operation of the engine: The rotation will be unstable, the operation of the engine will be jerky, especially on raw sugar with fuel tank is not full.

Can remove water from the fuel tank and fuel system on all special substances to remove water from the fuel tank.


  • Aquastop - bleach from gasoline
  • PETROLTANK - Complex clean fuel system
  • DIESEL-LUX - complex handling - agent to improve the properties of diesel fuel and clean the engine fuel system.
  • MultiCleaner (Gasoline) - cleaner fuel system for gasoline engine
  • F8 Complex Formula (Diesel) - protects the diesel engine from the effects of low-quality fuel applications