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Q & A

The experience that I had as a Distributor of XADO Products was proof of a distributed product as advertised.

As in a 318 Dodge Engine with 717,000 miles! We put the first tube in and off the engine 4 hours, and found three misfire cylinders (255,190,170). The numbers began to bounce, adding the second tube and the numbers were cut in half. Think of the best way to have a third person and call another mechanic to observe. After adding the third tube, the numbers simply disappear, then back in very low numbers. Today, Dodge Van still runs 110 miles five days a week, oil consumption has gone from 5 QTS. per week down to 2 qts. Every week and now there are more than 760,000 miles, although will be retired at 775,000 miles! There is also a John Deere Excavator Diesel engine, tested compressed and found all three bottles. was down, (290,220,170 #).

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