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LECO Hairspray (strong hold)

LECO Hairspray (strong hold)

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The BEAUTY collection for professional and home use.

  • for professional and home use
  • the combination of unique components and formula LECO provides a reliable fixation for 24 hours. and a translucent fragrance
  • does not destroy the ozone layer
  • contains purified propellent
  • vitamin complex D-panthenol strengthens and restores the structure of hair, preventing their loss
  • Protects KERATIN in the hair from the effects of the environment
  • Does not glue the hair and gives it a double volume
  • especially effective for curly hair
  • the hair is easily combed and washed
  • economical in use

Detailed characteristics


Spray from a distance of 20-30 cm on a hairstyle or separate hair strands.

  • consisting of high quality raw materials from producers in Germany and the Netherlands
  • warranty period of 3 years, storage -40 + 50 ° С

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    LECO Hairspray (strong hold)

    LECO Hairspray (strong hold)
    Type : 300ml
    00 VND