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The engine is too hot (stuck ring)

Overheating can occur by virtually any vehicle. This issue is particularly relevant today, as temperatures rise and traffic jams occur. Overheating can lead to deformation of the cylinder head or piston "tacking" in the cylinder.

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Trouble in the operation of the engine after refueling with low-quality fuel

Can I turn off the engine with only a few liters of low-quality gasoline? Yes, when it turns out. And failure to accelerate or ignition is not the worst. Sometimes it results in stuck piston rings, wear and tear of the cylinder, slippery by its consistency.

Especially dangerous is the fuel containing tars, unsaturated hydrocarbons are also benzene, xylene, toluene. Such "fuel" does not completely burn off in the pollution that forms the engine. These contaminants enter the tank and quickly destroy all the additives contained in the engine oil, resulting in unsuitable fit for engine operation. It does not lubricate the engine at high temperatures and immediately destroys it at low temperatures. That is why there is only one fuel with low quality fuel that damages the engine. Negative effects can be mitigated by increasing the detergent and other properties of the fuel by adding special additives before refueling. Additives provide complete combustion with a smaller amount of plastic pollutants and, acting as a solvent for these contaminants, prevent blood clots. In case if low quality fuel comes into the engine, it is necessary to clean the engine oil and fuel system and change the oil.

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New car

The operation of a new car starts with running. Any component that is attractive, regardless of the type of technology used in the manufacturing process, needs to be adjusted or grounded. The life of a car depends on the rhythm of the runtime. To ignore this fact means that making the engine with a large number of high precision moving elements operating with increased loads outside its most effective range can lead to reduced age. increased fuel consumption, oil and so on

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Increase the pressure of the gas blown

Smoke leaks through oil level gauges, oil pressure into the manifold ventilation system due to increased pressure of the gases. These gases mean "blown by" the piston rings. It may be a result of cacti ventilation, cylinder wear, stuck piston rings or compressed air valves.

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Low oil pressure in the engine

Can be determined when the engine oil pressure warning light is blinking or continuous, especially after the engine is fully warmed up.

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Increase oil consumption, smoke (blue smoke from exhaust)

There may be a number of reasons to increase oil consumption, most of which include stuck piston rings and wear of the cylinder-piston, rarely - pollution of the ventilation system.

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Hard start of the diesel engine

  1. Low compression in engine cylinders
  2. Bring the piston pair of the fuel pump
  3. Heat up diesel fuel at low temperature
  4. Contamination spray nozzles, problems of injectors, black smoke exhaust
  5. Low starting accidents or crashes
  6. The problem of the front spray system
  7. Incident of the lighting control system will clog the lighting buttons
  8. Fuel filter pollution

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Consumption of oil through the turbine

Continuous engine operation with low-quality oil, engine overheating, improperly running, oil-driven operation without changing the manufacturer's recommended time - all the above This can lead to increased engine oil consumption through turbochargers.

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