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Wheel hub bearing

If the noise generated by the wheel hub has occurred recently, it can be removed with the help of XADO repair grease. The high concentration of Revitalizant® in this fat eliminates significant accumulation wear in friction pairs.


Application Guide
It is necessary to disassemble the unit, clean the bearing from the old grease and flush it. By visual inspection, we recommend that you ensure that there are no serious scratches, chip or crate holes that are less than 0.1 mm on the runners of the bearings. The cage should not be damaged. Then pack the bearing with XADO repair grease. By filling with grease packages no less than 2/3 of the free inner mass of the bearing. After1,200-1,800 miles of run-down noise level in the bearing will be observed.

After 5,000 - 6,200 km running XADO Repair grease and eliminate defects completely, replace grease in the bearing with XADO Grease for constant speed joints.