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Trouble in the operation of the engine after refueling with low-quality fuel

Can I turn off the engine with only a few liters of low-quality gasoline? Yes, when it turns out. And failure to accelerate or ignition is not the worst. Sometimes it results in stuck piston rings, wear and tear of the cylinder, slippery by its consistency.

Especially dangerous is the fuel containing tars, unsaturated hydrocarbons are also benzene, xylene, toluene. Such "fuel" does not completely burn off in the pollution that forms the engine. These contaminants enter the tank and quickly destroy all the additives contained in the engine oil, resulting in unsuitable fit for engine operation. It does not lubricate the engine at high temperatures and immediately destroys it at low temperatures. That is why there is only one fuel with low quality fuel that damages the engine. Negative effects can be mitigated by increasing the detergent and other properties of the fuel by adding special additives before refueling. Additives provide complete combustion with a smaller amount of plastic pollutants and, acting as a solvent for these contaminants, prevent blood clots. In case if low quality fuel comes into the engine, it is necessary to clean the engine oil and fuel system and change the oil.


To reduce the negative consequences of promoting low-quality fuel, use: MultiCleaner (Gasoline) - A cleaner fuel system for gasoline engines.
To clean the oil system, use: XADO VitaFlush or Atomex TotalFlush or Absolutube Absolut.
To clean the fuel system, use: Verylube fuel system cleaner for gasoline / diesel engine.