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The engine is too hot (stuck ring)

Overheating can occur by virtually any vehicle. This issue is particularly relevant today, as temperatures rise and traffic jams occur. Overheating can lead to deformation of the cylinder head or piston "tacking" in the cylinder.


Reason / Recommendation


  1. Not enough coolant in the cooling system, as a result of reducing the pressure of the cooling system due to leakage in the hose, gasket, cracks in the radiator. To remove cracks and defects up to 0.9 mm in diameter, use the Atomex Leakage Radiator.
  2. Cooling effect is low externally cooled (dust, turbinate, etc.) and inside (dust, deposition slag in the cooling core, proximity sensor fan, large amount of deposit in the cavity cooling system elements) radiators, as well as by the drop of a fan or pump drive belt.
  3. To clean up surface contamination, use VERYLUBE Engine Cleaner.
  4. To increase the service life and reduce the wear of the fan or pump belt, treat them with a VERYLUBE Be
  5. Continuous operation of a gasoline engine by explosion, deposit due to low quality fuel, contamination of injectors, large amount of deposits in the combustion chamber.
  6. To eliminate the use of low quality fuel and improve fuel characteristics, add the following to the fuel:
  7. Atomesx F8 ComplexFormula (Gasoline) This product protects the engine from the effects of low quality fuel
  8. MaxiFlush Fuel System Cleaner (for Gasoline Engines) - a highly effective product for professional cleaning of the fuel system of a gasoline engine.
  9. Atomеx MultiCleaner (Gasoline) Highly efficient fuel system cleaner
  10. To remove significant carbon footprint, you should use VERYLUBE Anticarbon, a carbon-fiber cleaner. These fast action products for de-carbonising the strands of gasoline and diesel engines are injected directly into the engine cylinder.
  11. High filtration capacity.
  12. If the pressure is reduced due to the resistance of the high oil filter, the recommended oil filter should be installed.
  13. The operating conditions are difficult, the drag mode is low.