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Low oil pressure in the engine

Can be determined when the engine oil pressure warning light is blinking or continuous, especially after the engine is fully warmed up.


Reasons/ Recommendations

  1. Increased clearance between magazines and lining. Oil pumps do not produce enough pressure because of the deposits on the inside of the pump, the wear of pump parts, the pump screen of oil suction manifold obstruction.
  2. Add Atomex Complex Oil Treatment - an antioxidant with Revitalizant® to the lubrication system by increasing inaccurate clearance between the axle journals, lining and oil pump parts, when the engine oil pressure indicator is clicked. Flashing or continuous with no-load engine. Also introduces the XADO VitaFlush engine oil system to the lubrication system at a rate of 100 ml to 1 liter of engine oil and 435-620 miles. Then change the oil and oil filter and, if necessary, add one of the above products to increase the temporary oil pressure until the completion of the restoration with XADO Revitalizant®. Then process the entire new oil filled engine with XADO Revitalizant® to restore the wear and corners of the crankshaft journal and normalize the oil pressure: XADO Revitalizant® for diesel engines or XADO Revitalizant®. for gasoline engines (depending on engine type); XADO 1 Stage Revitalizant®; XADO АМС Max. After the whole treatment and 2,500-3,100 miles running non-critical of lining, magazine crankshaft rod and parts of the oil pump completely offset and oil pressure back to normal.
  3. The oil is diluted with fuel or coolant.
  4. In case of engine oil dilution due to fuel due to nozzle or nozzle dysfunction, the flashing warning light appears at idle. It is recommended to add to the diluted oil one of the following products: Atomex Complex Oil Treatment - antioxidant additive with Revitalizant®. Also add fuel to one of the following detergents for diesel engine or gasoline fuel systems: Verylube Complex fuel system (diesel or petrol). After using cleaner fuel, introduce Revitalizant® EX120 for fuel or Revitalizant® EX120 for diesel engines, Revitalizant® for fuel equipment. Hygiene and treatment of fuel systems with XADO Revitalizant® allow the normal operation of the nozzle or nozzle to be restored and prevent the entry of large amounts of fuel into the engine oil. By diluting the fuel with the unloading agent and engine repair required
  5. Low oil level in engine lubrication system. In case of low oil level filling the oil up to the target.
  6. High resistance of oil filter. By reducing the pressure due to the high resistance of the oil filter oil filter type of the recommended.
  7. Analysis of oil pressure sensor. In case of oil pressure sensor failure, the sensor must be replaced.
  8. Attach the oil pressure drop to the engine lubrication system in the open position. Stuck off oil pressure should be replaced.