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Look bad tires, protect from cracking

Finally all the old tires. The aging process can be noticed through the increased hardness of the protective rubber and is determined by the small cracks on the tire surface. The increased hardness of the rubber leads to a change in tire traction.

Causes appear cracks: low quality rubber, improper tire storage, the effect of exhaust gas, ozone and sunlight, repeated overheating, moisture, maintenance does not timely tire, driving with flat tires, overloading vehicles.

Another reason for tire cracks is the occasional operation of the car. When the compression and natural tensions do not affect the tires, special preparations designed to protect the tires stop working, increasing the possibility of cracking. Applying special care products to tires allows for longer lifespan, reshaping the attractive appearance ("wet tire" effect), making the tire surface more durable for all types of tires. type of contamination. , discoloration and the effects of different atmospheric phenomena.