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Dust cover of the joints speed

In order to prevent the disruption of the dust cap of the constant velocity joints it is necessary to conduct visual inspection of the condition of the CV dust coupling. We recommend replacing the dust cover with the appearance of a crack, before it is completely destroyed. It happens more often with older cars because of aging and hardening of the rubber and the appearance of cracks. But if the dust cover is still torn, it needs to be replaced.



If it has happened recently, and the speed is not damaged, disassemble it and clean it out of old grease. Then pack it with XADO grease for constant velocity joints for the entire lifespan. Mount the CV coupler with the new dust cover.

If the relationship between dust and dirt occurs long time ago and it is contaminated, resulting in rapid wear of the components and the appearance of rattling when the car turns, replace conventional grease with XADO oil . . Read "Crackling of CV joint".